Your words are my vice like
a parasite that ignites
my fears
and incites me
to tears
deep inside
you applied this
unwanted spy but
it still resides and
you’ve disappeared

I dream of the times when our minds would align
with the stars in the sky
with a shine so divine that
the exposure seemed fine and our trust was the blind
of like feigning our truth
and remaining with presumably nothing to hide

I was denying the obvious
blind swinging with weakened fists
grasping to rewind all this
But you still left me despite of the length of that hike
the one I hike every night
remembering the fright
and the might in my fight
before I met you but after the loss of my light

your parasite needs a host that’s alive to survive
and I’m trying
but it’s tiring
this continual unwinding
from who I was and who I am
and how you could never understand that
the touch of your hand
put me to sleep
remind me to weep
forget my defeat

My head treads above water
and the shallow end gets farther
I’m afraid
that I’ll drown
you’re not around
to be sure I’m ok
to be sure that I make it
across where we planned

I can’t stand
I can’t stand
I can’t stand without you
I can’t handle this too.
I can still hear the wounds in my head
causing dread
and confusion, the illusion drenched in red
and I search for restitute
But all is black,
I am blind,
I am deaf,
I am mute
But I still hear his words
That demanded my courage

But now I am stranded
abandoned and branded
I just need a bandage
To protect from infection
And nourish the reflection
Of the pain you injected instead of protecting me

Like you promised.

The Human Condition

Don't mistake these tears
They aren't for you
            Not literally.

I'm actually fine
I'm better now that I can see
    No longer surrounded in a darkness
    No longer blinded by naivety 
            Or by you 

No longer am I forced to watch in horror as your
eats away at your 

No, seeing you does not bring the comfort of nostalgia

Seeing you reminds me that the goodness in humanity is becoming 

You see, my soul lives to experience human goodness


I don't know why I can't feel it anymore
I hope I get to feel again

Seeing you reminds me of a time when even after one of life's brutal beatings
       I still had hope
       I had faith 
                  in you
                  in humanity

Seeing you reminds me that my optimism is wavering 
       My optimism is embarrassing 
       and lonely
       It wants to give up 

Because with 100% of my soul, guided by the ignorance of my optimism, 
       I believed
       and I was wrong
       and that shocked me. 

And now I'm afraid I'll never be shocked again

I'm afraid my soul won't survive a mind that can no longer 
              expect good

My tears are for those of us who are affected by you who cannot see the polluted world you've created

Forcing us complicit

Your narcissism and hate cloud our skies

Your abuse of power 
our eyes
our hearts 
our hope

You block our light and mock our dreams

We are suffering because of your inability to understand that this world 
               to you

Your inability to realize how detrimental 
     you are
     to society 
Our society 
that you stole for yourselves
and love is dull
     but your BMW is shiny

And your indifference breaks my heart

The significance of my tears mean nothing to you
nor does the pain you would feel if you could feel 
          with my heart

Why have you approached me?
If you want forgiveness, just ask
If you want forgiveness, look at me
I'll forgive you
Just be better
I need to feel again


I have been told I need to set boundaries
I wish I had boundaries made of stone
Wishful thinking has become a past time
As time keeps passing by 
And all of life's lessons seem fruitless now
Because even if I could stop my watch
While time waits for me to understand
It would still be just a waste of time

You see, my mind is no longer mine
It doesn't resonate with these times
I close my eyes and obsessively ponder why
I'm still here

When did I wake from the dreams filled with promises that my wishes let in? 
I just want to sleep in. 

Why is it so hard to love? 
Protecting myself from those who understand 
When nobody really understands 

I don't want to be like you
You, who take my kindness and use it as a doormat
You, who wonders why I'm defensively reacting so strongly to the shock of the unnatural 
To me 
I assume you an alchemist
Fixating on amethyst and quartz
Desperately I wear a hair shirt for you 
But you tell me that it's cotton and I must be crazy if it hurts

I don't want to be crazy so I hold in my pain while I painstakingly hunger to try to figure out
Who I am
If I am anything but crazy

And I bite my tongue
For your peace
And I hold back my emotions
For my sanity
And I'm afraid
I will be stuck here

Because the doormat got old
A little rough around the edges 
Quiet still 
Dirt piled on and no one cared to clean it up it's just a fucking doormat anyway
If only it were the door
So necessary and cared for
Harder to replace, harder to ignore the screams when it becomes unhinged
Impossible not to notice it

I am not familiar with my own existence
Why do I need boundaries here when I barely am 
As a doormat
And waiting for the day I wither away

Or my mind comes back with the times
Will I take back what was once mine? 
Could I survive another try? 

If we are made up of our memories and mine don't come with certainties
Am I nobody again? 
Do I start over and then
Make bigger boundaries 
And when
Do I begin?