The Human Condition

Don't mistake these tears
They aren't for you
            Not literally.

I'm actually fine
I'm better now that I can see
    No longer surrounded in a darkness
    No longer blinded by naivety 
            Or by you 

No longer am I forced to watch in horror as your
eats away at your 

No, seeing you does not bring the comfort of nostalgia

Seeing you reminds me that the goodness in humanity is becoming 

You see, my soul lives to experience human goodness


I don't know why I can't feel it anymore
I hope I get to feel again

Seeing you reminds me of a time when even after one of life's brutal beatings
       I still had hope
       I had faith 
                  in you
                  in humanity

Seeing you reminds me that my optimism is wavering 
       My optimism is embarrassing 
       and lonely
       It wants to give up 

Because with 100% of my soul, guided by the ignorance of my optimism, 
       I believed
       and I was wrong
       and that shocked me. 

And now I'm afraid I'll never be shocked again

I'm afraid my soul won't survive a mind that can no longer 
              expect good

My tears are for those of us who are affected by you who cannot see the polluted world you've created

Forcing us complicit

Your narcissism and hate cloud our skies

Your abuse of power 
our eyes
our hearts 
our hope

You block our light and mock our dreams

We are suffering because of your inability to understand that this world 
               to you

Your inability to realize how detrimental 
     you are
     to society 
Our society 
that you stole for yourselves
and love is dull
     but your BMW is shiny

And your indifference breaks my heart

The significance of my tears mean nothing to you
nor does the pain you would feel if you could feel 
          with my heart

Why have you approached me?
If you want forgiveness, just ask
If you want forgiveness, look at me
I'll forgive you
Just be better
I need to feel again

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