Shanna Barton

Freelance Writer and Digital Video Editor

Shanna Barton is a lifelong writer with a passion for storytelling. Whether she is sharing personal experience, opinion or something totally made up, you can rest assured you will be entertained.

She has written several screenplays all recognized by the ASA and has brought many films to fruition during her time as a filmmaker. She specialized in Line Producing and Digital Editing on set.

Lately, she has been performing her poetry on stages.

“Writing is both entertaining and therapeutic for me.  Life can be challenging and I try to make it better by understanding myself through my work.  I hope my stories resonate with you and I hope to spread love and understanding through my experiences; my words.”

Shanna Barton

Welcome to my website! I’m working on getting as much of my written works and videos put up. As soon as I get the courage I will be blogging about everything and anything as well as adding new poems and other interesting articles. Please comment if you would like and let’s start a discussion. Thanks for visiting!